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A simple & seamless process anyone will enjoy.

We’ve made the hand-made logo experience painless and efficient so you don’t have any headaches. Just fill out a brief, review your design and start using it immediately upon approval.

Quick & Easy

Fill out a quick
design brief

Sit tight while
we get to work

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Step 1:

Fill Out Our Easy to Follow Design Brief

Go through our guided submission form to submit your logo details as well as choosing a handful of options to give us the perfect inspiration, so we can make your logo perfect for you.

Step 2:

Review Your Hand-Made Signature Logo

Take a look at our hand-made logo, designed just for you, and see what you like or dislike. We’ll gladly make any changes you want to ensure it’s the perfect fit for you or your business.

Step 3:

Show Off Your Logo to the World

Take your final signature style logo and show it off to anyone and everyone. You’ll be able to legally use it anywhere online or offline and even copyright it since it’s custom-made for you.

Ready to Order

Your New Logo?

You’re only one click away from receiving a beautiful hand-made calligraphy style logo to watermark your work or use anywhere else you want.